Shady Casket

Shady Casket is a Indie Adventure-Game with Puzzle elements and some horror to it as well.



While an expedition in the legendary ruins of Caskar you got trapped in a strange chamber. You have to make your way through the dark and twisted ruins. Solve riddles to toggle mechanisms, unlocking new ways. Manage to reach the goal in each level to unlock the next one taking you deeper and deeper into surreal chambers and places.

What does this ruin bury?



Shady Casket is available for Download only on Desura for the price below. Click on the button to visit
the Desura Site of the game. There are also more Screenshots and actual Development information.

Desura Digital Distribution

System requirements may differ but you should have at least 2GB RAM and you should at least be able to play games in HD 720p (available from v 1.2 on) The Game is best to play in Full HD 1080p.

TIP: Play with headphones and in a dark room for best atmosphere

1.2 - New models and Atmo 2
Some screenshots of the game (v 1.2)

1.2 - New models and Atmo

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